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Wintersemester 2010/2011

10 813 - Comparative Introduction to U.S. American Law

Vorlesung (2 SWS)


Students will be introduced to various aspects of common law as applied in the United States

- including the U.S. Constitution, property law, contract law, the law of torts and criminal law.

The purpose of the course is to give students an overview of the most important features of

American law and to help them etablish points of comparison with their own legal

systems. The class is well suited for students who are considering LL.M. studies in the United

States. However, such an interest is not required.


Requiered Text:

George P. Fletcher and Steve Sheppard, American law in a Global Context. The Basics (The Oxford

University Press, 2005).



Studienpunkte nur für BZQ II

BZQ II: Klausur



10 401 Schuldrecht I (7.-10. Woche)

Vorlesung (1.5 SWS; 1,5 SP)


Mo.             08-12 Uhr             wöchentlich (1)            UL 9, Raum 213
Di. 08-10 Ihr wöchentlich (2) UL 9, Raum 213

(1) findet vom 29.11.2010 bis 03.01.2011 statt

(2) findet vom 30.11.2010 bis 04.01.2011 statt